Highland Road Park Observatory


*Friday 13 October to Saturday 18 November*

GOAL: $1000

Last year, HRPO held its seventh annual donation drive-and the public came through, bringing to the facility the Pluto Globe, the Hypno Square and the Solar Deluxe among other delights. Now we’re doing it again, and we’re hoping our patrons will come through and deliver once more. We’ve ranked the items from least- to most-expensive. From midnight early the morning of 13 October to midnight the night of 18 November, all monies deposited into our BREC Foundation account will first go toward items on the list below. We will acquire the items in that order as the success of the drive allows. The goal is all four items—so please give generously to HRPO during this time period and all these goodies will be in use at HRPO in no time! Any items acquired quickly enough will be on display during the Preview Party on 30 December.


*Happy Atoms Complete Set: This is an innovative chemistry set that allowing students to discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way. It’s the perfect tool for a budding young chemist, yet it is advanced enough for older students seeking to visualize complex molecules and reinforce their chemistry studies. Total monies needed: $150.

*Marble Run ‘Run N Roll’: An over-sized roller coaster kit that combines the durability of an old-fashioned metal erector with the speed of a plastic luge marble run. The motor driven chain lift mechanism automatically hoists the marbles back to the top for non-stop action! Total monies needed: $410.

*Arduino Essentials Learning Kit: A prototyping kit enabling patrons to learn the fundamentals of electronics and programming in an easy to use “plug-and-play” system requiring no soldering or previous electronics experience. Pre-assembled in a protective metal carrying case that holds all of its component parts securely and includes step-by-step start up instructions and printed lessons! Total monies needed: $675.

*Rs-Spectroscope: This device attaches to a telescope eyepiece, spreading light from stars and nebulae into strains of luminous colored light. Study the constellations with new capabilities to analyze colors present, discover absorption and emission lines, and determine luminosity to reveal the true nature and chemical makeup of the universe. Patrons will see the OBAFGKM spectral sequence in living color and visualize the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. Total monies needed: $1000.


*Give at HRPO! We can write you a receipt.

*Mail a check to the BREC Foundation, stipulating “HRPO” in the memo line of your check.

*Donate online via PayPal. Contact the BREC Foundation at (225) 226-7381 for instructions for stipulating online donations for HRPO.

For more information on the drive please contact HRPO at (225) 768-9948 or observatory@brec.org.

Any items acquired will be displayed or used during the annual HRPO Preview Party on 30 December.

Thank you for making possible this cooperative venture. All monies received are deposited into the BREC Foundation’s HRPO account. Any monies received by HRPO in excess of the amount needed to purchase the items described above will be used for other displays, equipment and services for HRPO’s public programs—especially International Astronomy Day next April.

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