Highland Road Park Observatory


The field trip outings to HRPO are entertaining and thrilling. They are part of our tradition of well-crafted and well-researched children’s programming—created out of a solid foundation in physical sciences, comprehensive professional astronomical support and a long-term knowledge base of amateur skygazing.

Cost: $2.50/child (minimum charge $30.00).
There is an allowed maximum of sixty children per field trip; one chaperone per ten children is required. Any children over sixty are $5.00 each. Every chaperone the field trip is short is another $5.00.

Maximum Length of Field Trip:
Two hours

Days Available:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Times Available:
HRPO works with the visiting organization to acquire the best time for their field trip. Field trips must start no earlier than 8:00 am and end no later than 4:00 pm.
Field trips must be scheduled at least two weeks ahead. HRPO does not accept reservations more than three months into the future.

Cancellation Fee:
More than 72 hours beforehand, $0.00
Less than 72 hours beforehand, $15.00

Components of Field Trips:

A. Talk [choose one]
*The Sun and the Moon
Solar flares and sunspots, lunar craters and maria—it's all here!
*A Trip to the Planets
An exciting journey to all major planets, from Mercury to Neptune—and Pluto,too!
*American Space Exploration
Covers NASA's fabled history, its future in sending people to space, and the amazing devices and technology that grew out of our space program!

B. Tour of Facility + Solar Viewing

C. Activity [choose one]
*planisphere (star map)
*UV beads + demonstration
*sundial + demonstration
(representative demonstrations include gyroscopic wheel, spectrum source, Scope on a Rope, air cannon) If more than sixty children arrive the activity will not take place due to lack of consumables.

Any teacher interested in inquiring whether the lecture and activities fulfill certain GLEs should please contact HRPO. HRPO’s field trips can be adapted for any class or youth club. HRPO’s field trips can be adapted for adult groups.

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