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Highland Road Park Observatory


one Saturday monthly from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm
For ages twelve to sixteen.
$15.00 per EBR-parish registrant; $18.00 per other-parish registrant
maximum capacity sixteen registrants
[Registration closes at 12:30 pm on the previous Friday.]

DESCRIPTION: This brand-new adolescent program increases the knowledge base of those young people interested in further astronomy-ground STEM challenges.

EARLY REGISTRATION: Those registrants who took part in HRPO Summer Camp, Science Academy or Rocket/Space Exploration Camp may sign up one week ahead of time.

DROP-OFF: If a registrant is not driving, drop-off begins and 3:15 pm and pick-up ends at 7:45 pm.

DOOR PRIZE: At the end of each session there is an exciting door prize drawing. The prizes, all related to science, come in three “levels.”

STEM items

15 JUNE 2019

“Apollo-First Module”
This month, the Overview & Expansion Group delves into the Apollo Missions (from 1 to 11) with computer comparisons, games, quizzes, videos and constructions.
Registration begins 25 May.

6 JULY 2019

“Apollo-Second Module”
Apollo Missions 12 to 17 are surveying with brand-new challenges, the question of biological organisms surviving lunar trips, and the new plans revealed by NASA.
Registration begins 15 June.

[NOTE: Any parent whose kid has attended Science Camp, Space Exploration Camp or Summer Camp can register him or her earlier than the declared registration date by calling HRPO at 768-9948.]

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