Highland Road Park Observatory


Monday, 21 November and Tuesday, 22 November

8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day

Rocket: the two-stage Mongoose
Registration begins 8 October!
Total Cost: $55.00 per in-parish Rocketeer
$66.00 per out-of-parish Rocketeer
Ages: nine to thirteen
Maximum Capacity: thirty Rocketeers
(All materials are provided.)

Attention, parents! Your children can learn about propulsion and flight at HRPO’s Fall Rocket Camp!

For centuries humanity wondered what it would be like to fly, and then fly into space. Of course, it’s no longer fantasy due to the hard work of the Wright brothers, Robert Goddard and others. The thrill of watching (or being inside) a hot-air balloon, helicopter, jet, rocket or spacecraft never seems to leave us.

At Fall Rocket Camp, kids will learn a brief history of flight as well as the basics of rocket science. They will also learn the safety procedures required for a safe launch and recovery. Then—the kids will build and a rocket! After the flights, the children take their rocket home. The rocket this go-round will be the ever-thrilling two-stage Mongoose! It flies so high HRPO personnel reserve the ball fields next door for launch!

Mongoose Rocket
Mongoose Rocket

Parents can register in person at HRPO. Parents can also register online at WebTrac.

Registration is not complete, regardless of payment, until HRPO has received filled copies of the camp forms, which will be posted below soon. Tell all the other parents you know, and don’t wait until the last minute to register!

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