Highland Road Park Observatory


Selected Saturdays from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Free and for all ages.

The hobby of astronomy immediately brings to mind thoughts of darkened backyards and dimly-lit nighttime activities at HRPO. For years, however, patrons have also been given the additional option of visiting during daylight hours to see our parent star.

Weather permitting, HRPO staff offers three views of the Sun…

  1. indirect projection onto white viewing surface // Patrons get a sense of the speed of Earth’s rotation as they see the Sun’s image slide on or off the projection device.
  2. safely-filtered optical light sent through standard telescope // This option allows patrons to spy sunspots both small and large.
  3. hydrogen-alpha light // Flares and prominences are seen easily in this wavelength.

Although activity from Solar Cycle 24 will probably be at its highest during the first half of 2014, all year long promise a wealth of visual delights!

The Saturdays in 2014 for solar viewing are…

11 January
8 February
8 March
26 April
24 May
21 June
26 July
23 August
27 September
11 October
22 November
27 December

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