Highland Road Park Observatory


*7:30 pm every Friday in May
No admission fee. For ages fourteen and older.

B.R.A.S. Membership (May to December):
eighteen and older, $15.00
fourteen to seventeen, $7.50

This month highlights the only non-governmental partner of the HRPO mission.

Founded in 1981, the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society continually fosters innovative ways to increase its membership. The four-week membership drive for B.R.A.S. will have as its lynchpins a series of lectures highlighting four different members-only Observing Awards, earned by either acquiring several lunar features optically or with a binoculars; sketching constellations; searching in real time for meteors; or performing tasks that assist with reclaiming a natural sky for Baton Rouge.

5 May: “Moon Watching” Earth♁’s closest celestial neighbor yields a wealth of optical delights. Ten or so maria with the unaided eye; dozens of binocular features; and untold amounts of mountains, dome fields and “ghost craters” revealed by the telescope. This presentation provides a checklist of basic named lunar locations along with tips and tricks to track down each one!

12 May: “Constellation Learning” The standardization of the sky into eighty-eight distinct named areas occurred in the early twentieth century, but some of these sections have their origins in antiquity! Patrons will learn the constellations that grace the Baton Rouge sky and receive advice on sketching these areas as a memory tool.

19 May: “Meteor Searching” Many patrons who have visited HRPO for the Perseid and Geminid shower events have been bitten by the meteor bug! Happily there's no need to wait for those strict time spans. This presentation provides a list of steps to take to increase the chance of spotting sporadic meteors, meteors associated with lesser showers…and even the visually-stunning fireballs!

26 May: “Reclaiming the Dark Sky” The last six months of the 20/20 Vision Campaign will climax with HRPO’s first Natural Sky Conference in November. This presentation will provide patrons with a set of tasks for helping the “major players” in town continue to understand and correct the problem.

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Created by Frederick J. Barnett on Friday, May 5, 2017, 12:25 PM.