Highland Road Park Observatory


Wednesday, 8 October from 3:30 am to 6:30 am

Binoculars suggested


Overnight excitement at HRPO as we open to witness one of nature’s most spectacular events! While in the constellation Pisces, the Moon will enter the Earth’s shadow, turning darker and darker—and then ???. The actual color can range from dark brown to red to bright orange to yellow, depending on the current state of the Earth’s atmosphere. Don’t miss it. IMPORTANT NOTE: This event does not take place late Wednesday night; it takes place early Wednesday morning before sunrise.


Partial Eclipse Begins: 4:15 am CDT
Total Eclipse Begins: 5:25 am CDT
*Point of Greatest Eclipse: 5:55 am CDT*
Total Eclipse Ends: 6:25 am CDT
Partial Eclipse Ends: 7:34 am CDT
(Baton Rougeans will not see the end of the eclipse, as the Moon sets at 7:09 am).

The partial and total eclipse will be easily visible to the unaided eye. HRPO property is the only part of Highland Road Park on which the public will be allowed before sunrise.


Want to be a scientist for a night? Sky & Telescope and Professor Richard Keen need your help! When the Moon is completely engulfed in Earth’s shadow, pay close attention to the tone of color and level or darkness your perceive. Record your rating, and the next day report your “L number” to Dr. Keen and S&T.


  • Please do not set up your lawn chair or blanket without receiving direction from staff. Visitors may initally only use the grass area south of the 16OGS building, although due to the low altitude of the Moon during the end of the event, HRPO personnel will also be on the large expanse of lawn between the braced oak tree and Highland Road. Please do not use any concrete for sitting or lying.
  • No white lights are allowed. White light destroys night vision. Please keep headlights off. Please outfit your white flashlights with red construction paper, a red stretch balloon, red cellophane (several layers may be needed to make the light suitably dim) or a thin coat of red nail polish. Please do not use a camera flash outside near telescopes without permission from the operators.
  • If a telescope is not in operation, please do not handle it in any way. If a telescope is in operation, please wait until it’s your turn and place your eye to the eyepiece without touching the telescope.
  • No glass containers are allowed.
  • Pets must remain under control and on a leash at all times.
  • Personally-owned equipment which must be set up on the ground is not allowed. Handheld binoculars, however, are allowed and are encouraged..
  • Litter and refuse are to be placed in proper receptacles.
  • Running is not allowed outside at night, or inside at any time.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in either of the two large telescope domes.
  • Alcohol, smoking and loud music are not allowed. Please utilize headphones or earphones so that only you hear your music.
  • It is illegal for any person to be on BREC property after dark, unless at an event staffed by personnel. HRPO grounds are the only BREC property on which the public is invited for this event. There will be no arriving on HRPO grounds before 3:30 am.


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