Highland Road Park Observatory


Monday 20 November
from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
at the Burbank Soccer Complex
No admission fee. For all ages.
Binoculars recommended.

This astounding sight is a “one night only” thrill. The accompanying Moon will only be a scant 2.2 day-old!

Due to the extremely low altitude that the pattern reaches in the western sky, HRPO personnel will be in the back of the Burbank Soccer Complex between the long lake and the dog park.

The planets involved in this event (in order from the Sun☉) are…

The smallest and fastest planet, and the closest to the Sun☉.
Distance during event, ˜161.6 million kilometers (1.08 AU)
Magnitude during event, -0.3
Constellation during event, Libra♎

This is HRPO’s last official programmed event for Saturn♄ before it leaves with the Sun☉. It will return to HRPO telescopes in 2018.
Average distance during event, ˜1.64 billion kilometers (10.93 AU)
Magnitude during event, 0.5
Constellation during event, Sagittarius♐

In order across the sky from east to west (in other words, while facing south) patrons will see…
SATURN♄, Mercury☿, Earth♁’s Moon.

We will also attempt to view Earthshine on the unlit portion of the near side of the Moon.

All BREC park rules apply during this event.

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