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Highland Road Park Observatory



Saturday 2 April 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm CDT
No admission fee. For ages six and older.
Solar viewing included! Rocket bid and launch!
NanoQuest game for prizes!

For the thirteenth consecutive year at HRPO, big things in the Universe take a backseat to all things tiny. Dr. Juana Moreno and her colleagues return for another celebration of nanotechnology!


When reduced to the width of a human hair—or smaller—ordinary materials often take on extraordinary properties. The iridescent colors in butterfly wings are not created by pigments but instead by tiny patterns on the wings. Tinted glass in old cathedrals was made by mixing different sizes of gold particles to create a wide variety of colors. We are just beginning to understand these fascinating phenomena and their potential uses in everyday life. Nanotechnology promises advanced information processing and storage, new medical treatments and much more.


Dr. Moreno and her students will have several stations installed at HRPO both indoors and outdoors for patrons to file through and experience each concept associated with nanotechnology.

ACTIVITIES (partial list)


The live Rocket Range bidding begins promptly at 3:00 pm; some bidding may have already taken place since the previous Launch. Don’t be late if you want a chance to launch and take home the rocket! The deadline will be at 4:45 pm. The launch will be immediately after (5:00 pm) at the front of the HRPO property!


Come see our parent star through projections and safety filters!


This variation of the classic monthly HRPO scavenger hunt game will allow kids to earn prizes, get discounts for merchandise and more! The players must view demos, find objects and answers to questions—and be fast! The NanoQuest begins at 6:00 pm and goes through the end of NanoDays and into Plus Night, ending at 9:00 pm.

Sponsors of this NanoDays event include LSU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, LSU’s Center for Computation and Technology, and the Society of Physics Students.

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