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Over a painstaking archiving process lasting a year, HRPO personnel have almost finishing creating a catalog of an extensive cache of STEM experiments and demonstrations. Some of them date to the 1940's and before. Some haven’t been seen by the HRPO public for over fifteen years; some have never been used. As HRPO finally is acquiring a full-time Education position, this treasure trove now can be shared with our patrons. Beginning with Winter 2019/2020, these historic demonstrations and experiments will be incorporated into many public programs: Science Academy, Solar Viewing, Plus Night, STEM Extension, Summer Camp, International Astronomy Day, NanoDays, ARRL Field Day, Asteroid Day, the Natural Sky Conference, the Spooky Spectrum and the three Space Exploration Camps—not to mention special events. The 2020 calendar year will be unlike any before at HRPO. We will be celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of Pluto♇’s discovery, starting a fresh round of talks with local officials to lower the light pollution, witnessing the launch of Artemis and having fun with the first Full Moon Halloween in years. These new experiments will infuse these and all of our other public offerings with a renewed drive to bring astronomy to the people. Join us!

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Last updated by Frederick J. Barnett on Friday, December 20, 2019, 12:19 PM.

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