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Highland Road Park Observatory


The Payload Bay resides on high in the Personnel Area. Its cargo can be seen by request when personnel open the bay doors and patrons climb the stairs to a designated spot. (Patrons should never attempt to open the bay doors themselves.)

Acquiring an item from the Payload Bay cargo supply requires accomplishing a task. Task sheets are gotten at the front desk, but are limited; they may not be available at certain times.

Any who fail at the task may still receive “orbital debris,” which could be inserted into the Bay at any time.

Any who succeed at the task may insert twenty-five cents into the Vortex at the front desk to acquire a second, harder game for even better cargo!

The Current Alert for the Payload Bay lists the designated age group for all cargo: no exceptions.

Current Alert Payload Bay
(Updated October 28)

The cargo is a combination of material left over from previous programs, and delightful items hand-picked by personnel.

Payload Bay

Updated by Frederick J. Barnett on Friday, October 28, 2022, 12:58 PM.

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