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Highland Road Park Observatory

A Visual Record of the Observatory Construction

This page shows the history of the Observatory in pictures, providing a visual time line of the Observatory’s construction. Special thanks to Paul Fisher for getting me these images.

September 8th, 1996
Sept. 8, 1996
The Observatory site on Highland Road, as it looked before construction began.
Sept. 8, 1996 closeup
A closeup of the image.

October 13th, 1996
Oct. 13, 1996
Construction has begun!
Oct. 13, 1996 closeup
A closeup of the telescope pier, ready for concrete pouring.

October 19th, 1996
Oct. 19, 1996
The foundation is being readied for concrete now.
Oct. 19, 1996 closeup
The pier for the telescope mount with the concrete poured.

November 4th, 1996
Nov. 4, 1996
The date of the official ground breaking.
Getting ready.
The final act in the ceremony
The building
Going to see the observatory
Inside the building
The cake
The cake from the reception afterwards.

November 9th, 1996
Nov. 9, 1996
The frame work and the roof have gone up.

November 10th, 1996
Nov. 10, 1996
Things are still coming along nicely.

November 16th, 1996
Nov. 16, 1996
Some more work is done.
Nov. 16, 1996 pier
Looking down from the roof at the telescope pier.

November 23rd, 1996
Nov. 23, 1996
The windows are now installed.
Nov. 23, 1996 #2
Looking up through the hole for the dome.

March 9th, 1997
Mar. 9, 1997
The Observatory building just before the dome is put on.
Mar. 9, 1997 #2
Looking at the inside.

March 11th, 1997
Mar. 11, 1997
The dome now in place.
Mar. 11, 1997 #2
Closeup of the dome.

May 5th, 1997
May 5, 1997
The building is nearly complete, and the dome shutters have been installed.
May 5, 1997 #2
A view of the back of the building.
May 5, 1997 #3
A closeup of the dome.

Building construction done by

stbp architects

A member of American Institute of Architects, Baton Rouge chapter.

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