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Highland Road Park Observatory


by BREC Center Supervisor Tom Northrop
Fridays from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
No admission fee. For ages fourteen and older.

HRPO usually doesn’t plan out non-celestial events several years in advance. However, this is a milestone that cannot go unnoticed. It has been over fifty years since training started for the history-making three-man missions that took our great country to the Moon and back.

Our youngest Americans have lived in an era of low-Earth-orbit-only space travel. Will this change soon? Will another country or agency get to the Moon first this time? Will the first woman on the Moon be a citizen of another country?

Please join us for a six-year set of talks from quite possibly the biggest NASA enthusiast BREC has ever had on its payroll. Tom is known for his spinoff technology presentations as well, and has secured several materials samples from the American space program for display here at HRPO.

APOLLO 7 = 8 October 2018
APOLLO 8 = 21 December 2018
APOLLO 9 = 1 March 2019
APOLLO 10 = 17 May 2019
APOLLO 11 = 12 July 2019
APOLLO 12 = 8 November 2019
APOLLO 13 = 10 April 2020
APOLLO 14 = 29 January 2021
APOLLO 15 = 23 July 2021
APOLLO 16 = 15 April 2022
APOLLO 17 = 2 December 2022

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