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Highland Road Park Observatory

2022 HRPO

*Saturday 1 October to Saturday 31 December*

GOAL: $1500

It’s been a while (for obvious reasons) since HRPO has started its famed countdown to acquire brand-new educational items, but we’re sure our patrons will come through and deliver once more. We’ve ranked the items from least- to most-expensive. From midnight early the morning of 1 October to midnight the night of 31 December, all monies deposited into our BREC Foundation account will first go toward items on the list below. We will acquire the items in that order as the success of the drive allows. The goal is all six items—so please give generously to HRPO during this time period and all these goodies will be in use at HRPO in no time!


*3D Space Model Set: The experts from Astronomy magazine bring us a fantastic collection of eleven models, nine Solar System objects, one visitor and one faraway location. The models include asteroids Ceres, Vesta, Kleopatra, Eros, Toutatis, Itokawa and Bennu; Kuiper Belt Object Arrokoth; Comet☄ 67P; Interstellar Object Oumuamua; and Eruptive Star Eta Carinae. Total monies needed, $58.00.

*Meteorite Exploration Kit: Developed by expert Michael Bakich exclusively for Astronomy magazine, this is the ideal way to introduce students and astronomy enthusiasts to various types of meteorites.! Total monies needed, $161.00.

*3D Star Constellation Sphere: See all eighty-eight defined constellations and over 5000 corresponding stars. See the scale of how far the constellations are from Earth. The LED base enhances its color-changing, awe-inspiring beauty. Total monies needed, $314.00.

*Heritage Periodic Table: Pure alkali metals in micro glass ampules. All gaseous elements in glass ampules. Larger precious metal samples than the 83 element display samples. Native gray diamonds for the carbon sample. Native sulfur crystals. Ferrous meteorite for the iron sample. Halogens in glass ampules (chlorine, bromine, iodine). Pure mercury metal in glass ampules. Pure europium metal in glass ampules. And much more! Total monies needed, $606.00.

*Galilean Moon Globes: Richly detailed, injection-molded twelve-inch globes showing the most notable named surface features on each moon. Made with long-lasting durable plastic with just a single seam between hemispheres. Each comes with a clear acrylic display case. $948.00.

*Orion Skyquest XT6 Classic Dobsonian Telescope: Simple hands-on, point-and-view navigation without complicating counterweights, gears, clutches, polar alignment or the need to balance the tube. Easy and fun. Big 6"-diameter parabolic mirror excels for Moon and planetary views. Has enough light grasp for deep-sky viewing of nebulas, galaxies and star clusters. $1500.00.


*Give at HRPO! We can write you a receipt.
*Mail a check to the BREC Foundation, stipulating “HRPO” in the memo line of your check.
*Donate online. Contact the BREC Foundation at (225) 226-7381 for instructions for stipulating online donations for HRPO.

For more information on the drive please contact HRPO at (225) 768-9948 or

Any items acquired will be displayed or used during the annual HRPO Preview Party in December.

Thank you for making possible this cooperative venture. All monies received are deposited into the BREC Foundation’s HRPO account. Any monies received by HRPO in excess of the amount needed to purchase the items described above will be used for other displays, equipment and services for HRPO’s public programs—especially International Astronomy Day next April.

Updated by Frederick J. Barnett on Friday, September 30, 2022, 11:45 AM.

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