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This website has been designed to educate students and the general public about the amazing science concepts behind Radio communications. Lesson Plans are available and include topics from how a radio works to actually using our radio to track and listen to orbiting satellites. Guests can login and tune the radio to listen to signals from around the world. We hope that this site will provide a valuable educational resource for teachers of elementary & high school level students. All lessons investigate basic science concepts for satellite radio communication in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Radio Status

  • 04/29/03
    A new Windows version (v 1.5) of the control software has been released.
    A few problems fixed. Everyone should download this.
    Click on "Windows Client" for more information.
  • 03/29/03
    A Windows version of the control software has been released.
    Click on "Windows
     Client" for more information.
  • 07/12/01
    The radio is fully controllable.
    • Shortwave and  Satellite transmissions can be received. (HF, VHF, UHF).
    • Satellites may be tracked, Doppler-Shift corrections can be automatically be made or done manually.
    • Only person is allowed to control the radio at a time.
    • Multiple people can listen simultaneously.
    • Authorized operators may transmit.

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Tower Installed!

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Antennas Installed!

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