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Highland Road Park Observatory

Star Cluster Images

M3 Globular Cluster imageImage of the Globular Cluster M3 in Canes Venatici from a 5 second exposure that was dark subtracted and flat fielded. Taken on May 4th 1998. 152KB.

Open Cluster M67 color imageA color image of the open cluster M67, taken on December 28th, 1999, using three color filters with with ten 5 second exposures for each filter. The color filters used are Harris B for blue, Harris V for green and Harris R for red. 121KB.

M3 Globular Cluster color imageM3 Globular Cluster - Imaged by BRAS members Merrill Hess and Doug Inwood with the 20" Rithchey-Chretien and Apogee CCD at HRPO. 10x10sec exposure in RGB each. Calibrated and combined in Maxim DL by BRAS member Ben Toman. 86.3KB.

M3 Globular Cluster color imageM3 Globular Cluster - Kodak DX7440 Easyshare digital camera. 34sec exposure on the 20" OGS at the HRPO. Easy to see the difference between a cheap Easyshare digital camera and a NOT cheap CCD! Still cool, though. The hardest part was getting it centered and focused. All done blind because M3 wasn’t bright enough to show up on the camera’s LCD display! 33.2KB.

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