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Highland Road Park Observatory


The “... Astronomy Observatory provides BREC with a unique opportunity to address both recreational and educational interests which we believe will receive overwhelming public support. Construction of the observatory may be viewed as a first step toward BREC's developing a strong leisure astronomy program, based on an educational foundation of solid science.”

Eugene A. Young, Superintendent, BREC
September, 1995

“I am writing to express the strong support and commitment of the LSU Department of Physics and Astronomy to the project put forward in this proposal entitled 'A State Educational Astronomy Observatory.' This project brings together several key groups who are dedicated to serving the local and statewide community in ways that will broaden educational opportunities and enlighten the public about advancements in science and technology. ... Beyond the construction phase of the project, we are committed to the long-term operation and maintenance of this observatory facility as we expect it to be an integral part of our teaching and outreach programs for the next 15 - 20 years.”

Joel E. Tohline, Chair, LSU Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
September, 1995

This strong support from the two premier, publicly supported institutions in the state dedicated to the education, enlightenment and recreation of Louisiana citizens will surely assure that the Baton Rouge Observatory will remain “a link to the stars” for many decades to come.

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